Why this Book?          ***The Incredible Honeybee... is now an Audio Book***

When people find out that I have honey bees and that I have extracted close to 90 hives from various places over the years, they have a lot of questions. I will answer a few of them, but before I know it I will have given more information than asked for. Usually, the answer to one question will lead to another. I refer people many times to my blogs. "Can't you just tell me or give me the name of a good book?" I am often asked. I find that most books are too technical for the average person who would just like to know a little about these amazing creatures. Recently, I had been approached by several home school parents who informed me that their children had recently studied honey bees and they would encourage the children to ask me questions. I feel that a story along with colorful pictures the parents and children can explore together does a better job of discussing the honey bees than I can. I don't claim to be an expert, however I have many experiences that I can relate. 


   So this book is dedicated to the children who enjoy discovery and God's natural world. You can order a copy here which will be black and white, but will be signed by me or you can order a colorful one at Amazon.com as an ebook. I would love for any student to use the book and the pictures in their studies and any reports they may have as an assignment. I wish I could give this book away as a gift, however, the publisher has to make their money off the sale of it.


 As an added feature, I would be glad to answer any questions that the book does not cover.  Just click on the "Contact" button above and it will bring you to that page so you can ask me questions, leave me comments and purchase your own copy. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it and as much as I enjoy my bees.